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i'm looking through you

the quiet one
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1, 42nd street, a hard days night, alan rickman, autumn leaves, beethoven, bellydancing, betty boop, bob dylan, brad dourif, brian epstein, buster keaton, candles, charlie chaplin, chocolate, cillian murphy, clara bow, classical music, clockwork orange, coffee houses, comedy, conan o'brien, david bowie, denis leary, dennis hopper, donovan, dressing up, dvds, easy rider, eye make up, faeries, family guy, fanfiction, fashion, fiddles, folk, geminis, george martin, glasses, glitter, graveyards, grunge, guitar, halloween, happy happy joy joy, harold lloyd, harry potter, help!, house md, imagine, ireland, irish step dancing, italy, jack black, james dean, jazz, jean harlow, jethro tull, jim gaffigan, johnny cash, joni mitchell, josephine baker, laurel and hardy, led zeppelin, let it be, lord of the rings, louise brooks, mandolin, marilyn monroe, midnight cowboy, mitch hedberg, mods, monty python, mozart, mst3k, naps, neil young, new york, nick toons, oscar wilde, painting, peace, pete and pete, peter fonda, photography, picasso, pin ups, pink floyd, pinstripes, placebo, playing guitar, poetry, polaris, pubs, r.e.m., rain, ray liota, reefer madness, ren and stimpy, rudolph valentino, sailing, seaguls, shopping, shows, silent films, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, slash, space ghost, steve buscemi, stu and astrid, talking heads, tattoos, terry gilliam, that 70's show, the beatles, the big lebowski, the chieftians, the coen brothers, the cure, the doors, the misfits, the movies, the ocean, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the smiths, the white stripes, the who, theatre, theda bara, tim burton, tim roth, tom petty, tori amos, total eclipse, traveling, trees, van morrison, victorian houses, vincent van gogh, vintage cartoons, vintage clothes, walking, willem dafoe, woody allen, writing, zelig, ,